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Laura LaPalme, (the L2) of L2 Marketing tackles any project with an approachable, respectful and positive leadership style. With a career spanning over 25 years in Marketing and Public Relations, Laura has worked in fast-paced, dynamic marketing departments as well as with non-profits and committees. As a strong conversationalist, sales executive, event planner, public speaker and partnership builder, Laura will be able to deliver on promoting her clients and build alliances with traditional and non-traditional partners. 


L2 Marketing is your your expert level marketing employee, that you don't need full time! Taking a customized approach involves tailoring actions and strategies to suit your organization. It's always our goal to provide exceptional service and ensure that our client's have a flexible solution that meets their needs.


Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative, creative, and cost-effective marketing solutions. We take a customized approach to get an understanding of your business and specific requirements. We can work with you as a full-service marketing provider or just help you out from time to time with your short term marketing, digital marketing, event planning, and everything in between. 


We know "One size doesn't fit all", that's why we provide customized solutions.

"Living my best life doing what I love every day"

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